Saturday, June 12, 2010

Naomi's Last Soccer Game

Today was Naomi's last soccer game.  She has 
absolutely loved being on a team. 
Here are some of Naomi's fans...
and here's the other half. :-)
Having Baileigh there made her day! :-)
She played a great game even 
though they lost 2 to 3.
Naomi and her friend, Julia.


5kkz said...

Way to go Naomi!!!! Sure looks like you had a lot of fun!!!! =)


Abigail Joshua said...

Great season KR! I was so proud you girls scored 2 goals yesterday. I'm glad I could be there :-) Love ya

Thackers said...

hello I found your blog at the
McDonnell's blog. you all look
like a fun and Christian family.
feel free to look at our blog.

pcmag said...


~Phoebe Joy~ said...

Good job Naomi Lynn!!!! I'm glad I was able to come to some of ur games!! I had alot of fun!!! It was fun making the sign with u too. We'll have to make another one next year too if u play again!!! =)
~Phoebe Joy~