Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Girls!

On February 19th, Julia turned 21 & Lydia turned 14!
We missed not having them here
to celebrate.  We love you both!!

Lydia spent her 14th birthday in Florida
with sisters and friends! <:o)  

Deborah & Rebekah are in Florida this month traveling
with Dr. Bill Rice and his wife.  It worked out for them 
to visit Lydia and the Huxleys for a few days.
Everyone spent the day at the beach but us. : (
Here are Suzy & Mary studying on the beach in 
Pensacola, Florida.  Wish we could have joined 
all of you beautiful beach bums! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Ugh, I'm so jealous that they're studying on the beach! Getting a little sick of this winter wonderland.

Weadock Family said...

Happy Birthday, Lydia!! Hope you had a great time in Florida :)

MMSteen said...

Happy Birthday, looks like fun...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lydia!! May the Lord bless you this next year! ~Christine K.