Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recent Happenings

Uncle Al celebrated his 60th on January 21st!

We love watching the boys play basketball together.  They play such
 great games!  Not to mention they have some pretty amazing fans. ; )
Trying to get an autograph...
John takes a moment to strike a pose.

Sarah came to visit for a week while her husband was out of town.  
We wish you could have stayed longer!  Come back soon!

Sarah went into Tabitha's school for some hair help. 
Some advised her not to go.  Thankfully Tabitha had 
eaten and gotten a good nights sleep so it went well. ;-)


Anonymous said...

John, you've got some pretty sweet shoes and...

Jeremy, awesome form!

Anna & Emily said...

How fun!!! :-) Thanks for sharing the pics!

Adam and Katie said...

Great job on Sarah's hair, Tab! I like it a lot :)