Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Visitors from Minnesota

We enjoyed having Mrs. Magnuson and Libby here
for a short visit.  Somehow Mom & Mrs. Magnuson got 
talked into playing Mario Cart.  They didn't know the 
first thing to do with the remotes. Tab didn't either, 
so we don't know why she tried to help. : )
It was quite entertaining to watch them play.
Mrs. Magnuson was really getting into it.
*notice her tongue* :p
Libby turned 20 on Tuesday so we
all went to dinner to celebrate! :-)
Thanks for dinner Mrs. Magnuson!
We had a huge blizzard Tuesday evening.  
These crazy people decided to go for a jog in the midst of it.
Happy Birthday, Libby!
We hope you had a fun day. <:o)
Mrs. Magnuson does a beautiful job beading.  She was 
patient enough to teach some of us how it is done.
 We really enjoyed learning and making bracelets.
Girls, why are you so happy?! :-)
We did some shopping...
...while others did a lot of relaxing.


MMSteen said...

HaHa! I wish I could have witnessed the race =c)

Betsy Magnuson said...

my best was not good enough... alas. I am going to have to start training with Jed or James (the master!;)
We had a fantastic time in Ann Arbor! Let's do it again?! How about May?!
I especially liked the picture with Pete and his friend.. now that he's found out about these services at the mall he could go bankrupt! ;) Let me know if he's spending too much time there...
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

So, is it official between Pete and Abigail?

pcmag said...

No, after much soul-searching and having sought wisdom from others, I decided officially to break things off with AbbyGale. I felt like we got along well, but I had some nagging doubts about harmony. Breaking off any relationship is difficult, even one that was only four months long, but I think Gale is handling it quite well. Meanwhile, I've actually started another relationship. I didn't know if our busy schedules would work together, but so far Yuta and I are really growing together. The way he watches me and takes direction has just really been special. I don't think it's going to be a long-term thing, but for now, we've decided to make it official.

Wait, we're talking about teen choir accompanist, right?

john said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
246810bob@gmail.com said...

normally when you post a comment "anonymous" it means you're insecure about your self or you know you're about to say something really dumb!

Anonymous said...

So true, 246810bob. Glad you put your name up there for everyone to see. Signed Anonymous

135711bob@gmail.com said...

Dear Anonymous, Is that your real name? 246810bob, I LOVE your address. It's so creative! You should write me sometime

Abigail Joshua said...

Dear Anonymous,
As Peter has already stated yes, he did break things off with me. While my heart was indeed crushed, I was able to see that it was for the better as I am not accustomed to public humiliation from others which is what I often experienced. It is true, however, that the breakup was caused due to my inability to harmonize correctly :-/
I do sincerely hope that things are going well with Yuta!
Love your comment Bobby :-)

246810bob@gmail.com said...

bobby?... who's bobby? and "Anonymous"... who are you for real?!

246810bob@gmail.com said...

well... i mean, other than insecure!

Anonymous said...

Whoever I am, I'm not you! And that really helps me with my insecurities.