Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

Mom went into the girls' room and found
this note hanging from their fan. :-)
The boys have some good role models in
their lives that give great tips for spoiling us on
Valentine's Day. = ) They surprised mom and had a
beautiful bouquet delivered from Edible Arrangements.
They also sent a Valentine's Day package
to Suzy & Mary at college.  It made their day!

Suzy & Mary went to a Fine Arts to hear one of the Irish Tenors. 
We're sure they were the prettiest ones there! :-)

The boys were so sweet and surprised each of us
girls with a box of Godiva Chocolates!
  Ladies, take note... they're going to make
 awesome husbands someday! :-)
We enjoyed watching John & Jeremy
win another great game!!  

They definitely had the most fans there!


Adam and Katie said...

Awww...that's SO nice! You Burtts certainly train your men well :)
But, sorry gals...I'm married to the sweetest one of all! ;)

-Katie :)

Sarah said...

Tab, I love your plaid shirt. It is really cute. I'm glad Pete has some good role models for how to treat your sister on Valentine's Day.... haha

Bethany Estep said...

Well, John & Jeremy, that really was sweet of you to be so thoughtful, but I just thought I would let you know that my package still hasn't arrived! ; )

Anna & Emily said...

My package hasn't arrived yet either, Bethany...should we do another "just us" hotel and shopping spree?! :-)

Beth Greene said...

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