Monday, June 28, 2010


After the wedding, a few of us drove back to Tennessee
 with Deborah & Rebekah for a visit.  We will be here 
for the week.  They still have to work/ counsel, but 
it's fun to hang out around camp and see the 
different things they do here at the ranch. 

We had a fun trip from Wisconsin to Tennessee.  The nine
hour trip turned into twelve hours due to traffic and
Abby's "detours" to miss the toll booths. :)  We added
about three hours onto the trip, but bless
her heart we didn't pay a toll.

We listened to a few sermons on the way. 
Abby & Joanna were quite convicted and
 decided it was a "hankie wavin" moment. :)
We stopped at taco bell for a quick bite.  Joanna, like usual
had a question about every single thing on the menu.
(She usually takes about 15 minutes to look over the menu
only to order a soft taco. :)  She was asking this helpful
young man quite a few questions.  He did a good job of
acting patient.  He told her about this great "faller" burrito
they had.  Joanna (after looking over the menu
for a picture of this faller burrito) asked the man what a
faller burrito was.  The man looking quite disturbed
answered, "I said 5 layer burrito."  Joanna did all she could to
keep her composure and told the man she needed a few minutes
to think things over.  She walked into the bathroom laughing
so hard she was crying.  It's a good thing the man didn't
get too upset with her not understanding his "accent" or she
wouldn't be with us today.  He was HUGE!

We finally made it to the ranch about 1:00 am.
We did our best to keep quiet while unloading the car. :)
Deborah does a great job playing her violin, singing in 
different groups & signing for the deaf services.

Rebekah is counseling for a deaf group
that CJ & Sarah brought from New Jersey.
It's so fun having a few of the sisters together 
for the week.  It's like a mini family reunion.
If you look carefully you can see the water coming from the cup.
Tab meant it as a joke, but accidentally ended
 up getting Deborah quite wet. :)
We have to go around in disguise.  
We might get kicked out otherwise. :)

could this be why...? :)

Adam & Katie's Rehearsal and Wedding

Adam and Katie's rehearsal was Thursday evening.
Adam couldn't stop smiling! :-)
Josh and George livened up the rehearsal. :-)

Mr. & Mrs. Adam Burtt
Both Burtt Families.
Welcome to our crazy family, Katie! :-)
Forget the little bells and clinking the silverware. 
We decided to have some fun! :-)
The guys thought they'd have a little fun and
surprise Adam and Katie by decorating Josh's
old car as their "get away car".
After having a little fun we really surprised them with a limo.
We jumped in Josh's car so we could follow 
them and honk.  We forgot our car said
"Just Married" so we had people honking at us. :-)
After all the time and money that goes into 
a wedding, it's over in just a few hours.
After a long day, we all got a little slap happy. :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun With The Webbs

  The Webbs came for a visit a few weeks ago.
 They decided to come a day early and surprise us. 
 What a surprise that was!  Let's just say they
now know us for who we really are. :) 
Even though we were quite shocked,
 we enjoyed having them for an extra day.
We played a fun game of kickball. 
 We were having so much fun we played
 right through a huge rainstorm. :)
Dad sent us all to the basement because
he claimed there was a tornado warning.
We realized after a while that dad never came down.
We think he just wanted some peace and quiet. :)
We went to a nearby park for the day and had fun
kayaking.  Thankfully no one fell in but we had 
several close calls thanks to Spurgeon! : )
Steve was kind enough to let all of us come
out to the lake for the day. We made it through
with no broken bones and had a blast!!
Dinner at Olive Garden
Hangin' out downtown.

We went out after church for 1/2 off appetizers at Applebees.
We had lots of fun around the bonfire. 
Joanna & Spurgeon attempted to play the guitar. 
Jacquelyn & Abby did some crazy Indian dance.
(Abby thinks she knows how to do the real thing. 
 We all try to humor her. :)  Dad & Mom kept us
entertained with their jokes. Mom is the best
at jokes if anyone ever needs one. :) 
The week seemed to fly by!  It was a fun, crazy packed week. 
 Even though we hardly had any sleep, we would do
 it all over again. :)  We miss you guys!