Friday, December 31, 2010

Rebekah's Traveling

Rebekah is excited about the opportunity she has to travel with 
Dr. Bill & Mary Rice this semester.  They left today and will 
be spending most of their time ministering & recruiting 
in Florida.  Please pray for their safety as they travel.

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas with family visiting from 
St. Louis, Singapore, Tennessee and Florida. 

There were two naughty kids surprised to 
find a lump of coal in their "stockings." = )

Hannah was excited to get a real mannequin to 
practice her skills on.  She's loves to do hair and 
nails like someone else we all know and love. = )
David has a pet lizard our mom has graciously 
allowed in the house. = )  He was happy to get a 
leash he had been wanting for it.  We were 
happy to see it on a leash outside the cage! = )

It's funny that one unnamed person ended 
up at both tables.  More than likely there 
were two different plates of food too. = )

Friday, December 24, 2010

Spending Time With Family

It's been so nice to have family in town for Christmas. 
Uncle Paul is visiting from Singapore for two weeks.
Rebekah and Deborah are home from Tennessee for a
week.  Mary and Suzy are home from college for over
 a month!  Lloyd, Bethany and the kids stopped overnight
 on their way through to West Virginia.  We were able
to enjoy one of the boy's basketball games all together.
They had the biggest cheering section for sure. :-) 

Grandpa bought the kids some treats
from the snack shop.
The boys won their game!!!
We had an early Christmas with Lloyd, Bethany
and the kids while they were here.
 Nathan was checkin' out the
huge box of chocolates!
 The kids got a snoopy snow cone machine and loved it!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Our Lord, Emmanuel"

Our Christmas Program was this past Sunday night.
Sam did a great job directing his first program!

Tabitha, Rachel and John sang in the program. 
Joanna, Suzy and Mom played in the orchestra.

It was time to clean up but some people 
thought a singspiration was a better idea.
 Lydia even talked Paul Reimann into joining in on the fun. :-)
 Mr. Muzzi jumped in with a little narrating.