Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Reunion

We had a family reunion this past Saturday.  It has been a while 
since we have had one with this side of our family.  It was so 
nice to see everyone again although we were sad not everyone 
could make it.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time! 
It was a very hot day so the kids had a water fight to cool off.

Nathan & Carter kept everyone
 entertained with their wrestling. :)
The kids had fun picking apples.
Nathan was very protective of his apple.
He did not want Carter touching it!

The torture of having 4 uncles. :)
looking over the family tree

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah & Naomi

Sarah and Naomi had birthdays on July 10th. 
We weren't able to be with Sarah to celebrate this year,
but Naomi did enough celebrating for the both of them. :-)

Happy Birthday Sarah!
Lydia & Hannah were kind enough to decorate
Suzy's room for Naomi's sleepover with Baileigh.
Tabitha gave them pedicures and manicures.
Having fun playing games.
opening presents...
She finally got the doll she's been wanting.
Brunch at Dimo's.  They have the best donuts!
The girls had a blast bungee jumping!
 Swimming at the Woody's pool was on 
Naomi's birthday wish list. :-)
Bethany and the kids are in town for the week.
They made it in time for Naomi's birthday dinner.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July

We had a great day at our church on the 4th of July.
Suzy, Mary, Josh & Sarah were able to come
home from camp for the weekend.  Breeze also came 
back with us from the ranch so he could spend 4th of 
July weekend with us.  It was a very quick 
trip but we were so glad they could all be here.

    Sarah & Suzy in their "cool" shades. :)

Mr. & Mrs. Wicht sporting their
very nice 4th of July shirts. :) 
We had an awesome bounce house that the 
kids enjoyed playing in all day long. 
 A few of the big kids enjoyed it too. :)
Allison & Hannah dressed up for our flag 
raising service.  Of course they looked adorable!
They almost looked like sweet, innocent little girls.
Almost...not quite. :)

Mr. Collinson, George, John & Sam sang during
our afternoon service.  They did a great job!
Naomi & Josh filling water balloons for the games.
Allison & Hannah having fun with the water balloons. 
This shows who Allie & Bob really are. :)

George & Abby did a great job of setting up games 
for the day.  We played kickball, volleyball, basketball, 
capture the flag & tug of war. We didn't get pictures 
of all the activities, but it was so much fun having 
everyone involved in the games.
Losing team...
Their facial expressions were great! :)
winning team!
It was a beautiful day!
After a long day of fun, we all headed to Whitmore Lake for some
fireworks.  Suzy took advantage of the 20 minute drive and
took a nap. Camp doesn't allow for much sleep! :) 
The fireworks weren't as grand as we would have liked.
At the beginning we thought they would be awesome
because they were really big for starters. We realized
that they must have lit the fireworks backwards and 
started with the grand finale. :)  The first 2 minutes were 
awesome!  After that... we had more fun people watching. :)