Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was nice to
have Deborah home for the weekend and to spend time
with family and friends. We had our Grandparents, Aunt Jean,
Breeze and Mr. Schoettler over for dinner.
Deborah always makes great fires
when she's home.
We enjoyed having Breeze here.
Lydia stayed busy in the kitchen with her two timers. :-)
Thanking the Lord for all He has done.

Tabitha won the poll for "Who could
eat the most this Thanksgiving!"

Make a wish :-)
Tabitha arranged a game of "Turkey Bowling"
We enjoyed playing some games.
Joanna won! :-)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We're so glad Deborah, Adam, Mary, Tizzy, Tina, Stephen
& Levi are with us for Thanksgiving this year.

We took over McDonalds after church tonight. = )
Brother Breeze & Sista Mary :)