Monday, October 27, 2008

35 Years!!

Happy Anniversary, Dad & Mom!!

35 years later...We love you!!The kids woke up and made breakfast for Dad & Mom -

A great way to start the day! :-)


Margaret said...

Happy Anniversary John & Lynn! I loved seeing the wedding picture, how fun! The recent picture of the two of you is so beautiful! Hope you have a great day, looks like it started off on a good note! :)

Al Burtt Family said...

Happy 35th Anniversary!!!
The "other" Burtts

Abigail Joshua said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you get to do something fun:-)
Hey, if the kids wanna come over sometime they can make me breakfast too:-) It looks yummy!
Luv ya!

Jacquelyn said...

Happy Anniversary, Uncle John and Aunt Lynn! Hope you enjoyed your breakfast. :) I'll be praying that the Lord blesses the next years of your marriage. Your family has been a big blessing to me! Love, Jacquelyn

elizabeth mcdonnell said...

Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Burtt!


jrmlvan said...

Congratulations, John & Lynn! When I saw the first picture, I thought it was Deborah! Wow! You both STILL look great after 35 years and 16 children. :-) So happy for you both - praying for your dad, Lynn!
Mary Lynn

Shannon Culver said...

Happy Anniversary!

shannon said...

Happy Anniversary! Today is an anniversary for us too! A year ago today we moved into our house. Praise the Lord! Now I will always remember your anniversary.
Shannon Walker