Monday, October 13, 2008

Family & Friends

After the Michigan football game on Saturday we had
family & friends over for a cook out. We had a great time!
Going for a walk with Aunt Jean.
Nathan & Daddy
Carter helping Uncle John & Uncle Jeremy with their lawn mowing business. =)
Carter & Joanna helping themselves to a few cheetos. =)

Mrs. Ingram & Rebekah

Bethany, Aunt Woody & Uncle Woody

Grandma & Nathan

Jeremy & Philip trying to teach themselves trumpet. =)

Nathan enjoying Aunt Suzy's music.

Nathan & Mommy

Carter watching football with Daddy.

Nathan fell asleep on Aunt Rebekah.
It was nice to have Brad in town for the football game!
We missed not having the whole family here!

Grandpa, Mom & Joanna

Aunt Rebekah reading a book to Joanna.

Grandpa & Nathan sleeping after a long day!


huxleysix said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Miss you all!
Love Kelly

JBW said...

Aww! Its so fun to see pics of y'all! Everyone looks great! I can't believe how big Nathan is now from when I saw him this summer. Those kids are so cute! :)
Love from NC! Jacquelyn

Abz said...

looks like a blast! I need to get a Michigan shirt!!! luv ya