Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cozy Winter Days

We enjoyed Fall for a few days, but it's starting to feel
a lot like winter! This makes the long cold winters
much more enjoyable! :-)

Deborah, we thought of you when Dad made our first fire this year. ~ Miss you!


Bethany Estep said...

That looks so cozy! I miss the smell of the fire burning on those cold days. : ) Who put those pictures up? Are they our senior picures? I don't remember seeing them when we were there.

Bethany Estep said...

...that should be senior picTures! Thank you, Rachel, for pointing that out. I alweez wuz a bad speller! ; )

Anonymous said...

It is very cozy! Rebekah and I have been working on putting pictures up around the house. We have a few new pictures up. You will have to see them when you come for Thanksgiving. It's crazy to see all the senior pictures. Dad looks just Jeremy. Miss you guys!

~ Tab