Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers! =)

I guess when you live in a big family the
"Finders Keepers Losers Weepers"
rule applies to everything.
Even when something is IN your bed. =)
Tabitha came home one night to find this note on her bed...
Then walked into Hannah's bedroom to find this! =)


Bethany Estep said...

Very funny! I guess she thinks it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! Hm-m-m... I wonder where she got that philosophy?

Jacquelyn said...

That's hilarious! Y'all are so funny, and I love the way you post these funny little incidents! :)
Love to all!

Karen said...

Olivia came and found me this morning with this plea:
"I need Tabitha and Joanna!"
And she just asked me to find some pictures of you girls on the computer. I guess she misses you!

Eric said...

I agree with Bethany Estep. Being the oldest in my family, I see all my bad habits in my younger siblings.