Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun At The Petting Farm!

We had a great time with Lloyd and Bethany in town!
We were able to do a lot together as a family.
We went to the petting farm on Monday. The kids loved it!

Carter loved the pumkins.

Joanna would not feed the animals out of her hand.They loved the baby pig.

The kids had fun on the hayride!

Carter loved throwing the hay!

Lloyd and Bethany enjoying the hayride.
Check out the 700 pound pig!
Carter was mad at Aunt Suzy. He wanted to swim with the ducks! =)
They had fun feeding the ducks.
We went to McDonalds after the farm for lunch.
Nathan did not like the shake!

Carter with his crazy hair! :)
Aunt Naomi & Joanna riding home in their "matching" carseats. =)


Elizabeth McDonnell said...

Hey, girls!

I'm wondering where you get your adorable jean skirts.
I have a hard time finding cute (and modest) jean skirts, and I really like the ones that you wear!

Do you have a favorite store(s) that you might recommend?

BTW, I love your blog! :)


Jack McDonnell said...

Awesome, the picture at McDonalds, french fries everywhere...

...except directly in front Carter!:o)

Little kids are so much fun!

Anonymous said...

In the picture that says that the kids are enjoying the hayride does that include Rachel. Jacob K.

burttfamily said...

Hey Lizzie,

It's true, skirts are very hard to find! A lot of them are second hand. Not sure if you have a Cato there but we can usually find skirts there and you might also check Sears. Good luck! :-)