Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hannah's Cake

Hannah decorated her first cake all by herself! She's quite a talented young lady. =)

The cut out snowflakes in the backgound were also made by Hannah.


little abby said...

What a beautiful cake Hannah.:)

JAB SR said...

Hey Joanna & Girls -
Nice Job on the Blog and the pictures and all are Great! Lv DAD

Shannon Culver said...

Nice cake Hannah! Looks tasty!
Your friend,

Abby said...

Wow Hannah, the cake looks awesome:-) Glad you and Naomi could come over the other day...
Jo, I might have to steal some of these for when I finally update my blog. I have pix of them with their cakes before they baked them and stuff... Have an awesome day!
luv ya


It is so wonderful to see that you have a website for the family. Everyone is growing up so fast - even from when I first met you all three years ago.
May the Lord continue to shower His blessing on you! Thank you for being lights to me!
-Mucho carino - Beth Fisher