Friday, May 1, 2009

Julia's Before & After Videos

Julia had her four wisdom teeth pulled on Monday. We took some before & after videos. The second one is hilarious! We've been asked to post them, so here they are. :-)

The first thing she did after surgery... got her phone out and started calling people. I thought she knew what she was doing. When I showed her the video later that day, she laughed and didn't remember anything about it. = )


Anonymous said...

LOL!! I wish I could have been there! Reminds me of when I went in! Julie, did you see any little blue fish swimming around your room?? :) Miss you guys! See you Tomorrow! Love you!

~ Tabitha :)

Shannon Culver said...

That is too funny! Julia, if you're laughing about it now, you're either delirious or fully healed. Hope it's the latter and you're doing great.

Mrs. Rich McDonnell said...

Brings back memories...I had all four pulled at once too. I hope the pain is past and that you are doing very well.
Funny videos! You guys are hilarious!

Jacquelyn said...

You poor child! I hope you're still not groggy! :) Love, Jack :)

Showersfamily said...

Yes, I too can relate. I love the chipmunk cheeks. Anesthesia is a wonderful thing.

Karen said...

Oh, man. I've watched that 2nd video ten times, and I roar every time!
I can't believe you let them put that video up, Julia! If it had been me, there would've been some tire-slashing, for sure! :)

Hope you're feeling well.

GrandmaCin said...

Oh, my goodness! That's almost mean, if it weren't so funny!